Within Two Worlds – Unique Video Walls at Waterford

Peter Romero[1]
Peter Romero
T&M Senior Property Manager
Waterford at Blue Lagoon – Miami
Highlighting my portfolio of properties to stand out among the rest of the many competing buildings in the market has always been a driving force. Strange as it sounds, it helps that I also love the art of movies, and had wanted to be a film director while in high school. So one night in bed, while I was reading the now defunct The Daily (Apple’s first electronic-only daily newspaper), I came across an article that gave me an idea of a cool, though not entirely original concept, of making the buildings we are trying to lease more interesting to existing tenants while enticing prospect tenants – as they are given the usual tour of the building.

The article was actually a short film called Within Two Worlds by artist Brad Goldpaint. The film was magical to me – the most beautifully photographed time-lapse images of the planet, set to an original score. The piece was a result of the artist trekking the Pacific Northwest for 6 months as a way to relieve the stress from the loss of his mother. Goldpaint was an established architect, but uncluttered nighttime skies, a grieving memory and a film camera made way for a touching work of art – a far cry from those esoteric art pieces audiences struggle to understand.

So I thought – I want it! I want to show that movie in my buildings! I was betting myself that this would be an accessible artist whose license rights would be attainable for a modest price. I soon laid the bones to provide for a good viewing experience – a must to any cinephile. A  flush mounted high definition projector – check. A BluRay player – check.  Flush mounted quality speakers – check. A mixer – check. All these were installed at each of the three Atrium Buildings within Waterford at Blue Lagoon Office Park. The projection wall being a main wall directly opposite the elevators. Here, the work would be enjoyed by everyone – you could not miss it. Next, I secured the film rights from the artist for unlimited public viewings. It’s interesting that his film is catching on. It’s been about a year that I purchased the film rights, and just a few weeks ago, Oprah Winfrey highlighted the artist and his film.

A photo can't do it justice! Video Installation at 6505 Waterford
A photo can’t do it justice!
Video Installation at 6505 Waterford




I still get people telling me how cool the ‘thing” looks in the buildings; central to the conceit of the idea – to get noticed and remembered effectively. It’s not too often you’d walk into “any building USA” and have a real artful and memorable experience. Cool.


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